About Call Lade Enterprises

Call Lade Enterprises Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 1992, providing labour contracting services and container handling services.  With a workforce of over 500 personnel, Call Lade Enterprises Pte Ltd is currently one of the leading service providing firms in the industry

Our Services

Labour Supply to PSA

The Company provides skilled labour for most port activities from Prime Mover Drivers, Wharf Traffic Assistants, Ship Traffic Assistants, Wharfingers, Forklift Drivers, Lashing Specialists to general workers for Berthing and Unberthing of vessels, Plugging and Unplugging of Reefer Containers and…

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Heavy Vehicle Parking Lots

The Company provides parking lots for heavy vehicles as per term contract with Singapore Land Authority (SLA).  The car park location covers about 19000 square meter of parking area providing parking lots for about 350 heavy vehicles from 120 different companies.

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