Our logo features the company’s name in Chinese, 科力(kē lì), which was namesake of the founder’s late grandfather, Mr. Tan Call Lade (陈科力先生). “科” and “力” signifies the perpetual pursuit of knowledge/advancement and strength respectively. These Chinese characters are stylised in such a way that resembles a Chinese seal imprint, representing the company’s determination to leave a lasting mark in the industry and be the standard-setter. The shape of the logo symbolises reliability and the sense of mission carried by the company. The colour red symbolises resilience and growth while the colour white symbolises care and professionalism, which are all values deeply ingrained within the company. On the whole, the logo serves as a reminder for the company to never forget where it comes from and to always strive to be the equivalence of excellence.

“Called to Serve, Laden with Love!”


Build Your Career With Us

Incorporated in 1992, Call Lade Enterprises is an established labour-contracting service provider to PSA Singapore with about 600 employees. We help to ensure the smooth flow of the millions of containers of goods that pass through one of the busiest ports in the world yearly. We are proud of where we are today and excited about where we are heading.

It is an exciting time to join the Call Lade Family, as we are looking for driven and energetic personnel who want to make a difference and bring the company to greater heights.


To facilitate the movement of goods in a reliable, safe and sustainable manner through the supply of a skilled workforce and the management of essential logistical infrastructure.


To be an irreplaceable part of the logistical landscape in Singapore.


Labour Supply For Port Operation

Being one of the leading service providers to PSA Singapore, we actively recruit and train new workers for the port-handling positions in the port terminals including Prime Mover Drivers, Lashing Specialists, Reefer Technicians and Inter Gateway Haulier (IGH) Drivers.

Heavy Vehicle Parking Management

Call Lade is currently managing several heavy vehicle parks in the west region. With an extensive area of more than 50,000 squaremetres, our heavy vehicle parks can accommodate more than 800 heavy vehicles and trailers collectively.

We are actively recruiting candidates to fill our various vacancies. If you are looking for a rewarding job, do check out our available positions.

Why We Love To Work For Call Lade Enterprises